Irritated at the world.

*My friend randomly texts me*
“What’s your major?”
Myself: “Film Studies”
Friend: “Oh cause I saw an article on that film/video is number 2 in 10 worst majors”

This is what bothers me. Luckily, he’s my friend and I’m not mad at him for it but I get this conversation a lot from people I know. Although I don’t get told from other people that “” says it is, I also get responses such as “You’ll never find a job,” “Where would you find a job around here with that?” “You’re wasting your time and money goin’ for that.” I can go on and on. However, I will say that they’re right to an extent. But in this world jobs aren’t easy to find anymore. Whether you have a degree or not. So why would I want to go for a degree that doesn’t interest me at all (business, law, anything about science) and not guaranteed a job. I’m sure the job market is much more open for those degrees than in film/video but it’s not like you’re getting an immediate job once that diploma touches your hand. I understand I won’t find a job immediately but I’m willing to work for it. I’m willing to work for my dream and nobody understands that. It’s sickening that I grew up with these people and yet I don’t receive an ounce of encouragement from them. I’m passionate about this and I want it more than life itself and nobody sees that. They all see an “overgrown child.” Well this child understands what he needs to do be happy for the rest of his life and that’s to one day be apart of the film industry. And it’ll happen, I know it. 

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